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Wednesday, July 31, 2013
Enhanced YM is in the works

Enhanced YM is in the works

Enhanced YM is in the works

Yahoo launched Yahoo! Messenger 8.0 with Voice client after the final release of Windows Live Messenger. Yahoo included a new plug-in feature that gives their clients a customised chat experience.

The Yahoo Messenger 8's plug-in architecture was opened along with the API to support the development of ‘mini-applications'. Many companies have agreed initially to distribute third-party plug-ins with the beat such as 30 Boxes, NewsGater, eBay, Coupons, Inc., and

Enhanced YM is in the works
Enhanced YM is in the works

Yahoo will provide plug-ins which connect to different company services like Yahoo! 360, Yahoo! Answers, Finance, Calendar, News, Music and Sports.

According to Brad Garlinghouse, Yahoo's senior vice president of Communications, Community and Front Doors, these new plug-ins will allow users to have a better communication experience by allowing them to personalise their IM service as well as their preferred Web features and services.

The plug-in allows users to include up to 1,000 people in their contact list. They can also add sound effects to voice conversations. File transfer limit also has increased to one gigabyte.

However, the function to connect Yahoo! Messenger to Windows Live Messenger is still unavailable. In October of last year, Yahoo and Microsoft first announced the plans to integrate their messaging networks. In early June, Microsoft announced it was testing Windows Live Messenger's version with Yahoo integration.

The localised version of YM 8.0 will be released in Australia, Argentina, Canada, Brazil, China, Canada en francais, Hong Kong, Korea, France, Italy, India, Mexico, Germany, Spain, United Kingdom, Taiwan, United States, Singapore, and Yahoo! en Espanol.

Monday, May 20, 2013

Bill Gates Back So Richest Man in the World
Microsoft founder Bill Gates re-ordained as the richest person under the Earth. Previously, the position was taken by the employer telecom giant Mexican, Carlos Sim.

As we all know, Bill Gates just took second place since 2007 as the owner of most of the world's wealth.

Based on Bloomberg Billonaires Index indicates that the wealth of the Gates kumlah has now reached USD72, 7 billion, up 16% from the previous.

(18/05/2013), the increasing wealth of Bill Gates is not only coming from Microsoft alone alone.

Indeed, Microsoft's stock continues to show an upward trend after Windows 8 is launched to the market. However, Gates also owns shares in another company that has experienced such an increase in Canadian National Railway Co. and Republic Services.

Meanwhile, Slim Carlos Slim's America Movil, which became the largest mobile operator in the U.S., has dropped 14% this year after the Mexican Congress passed legislation that could reduce the market dominance of the billionaire.

Despite having enormous wealth, Bill Gates is known as one of the benefactors are known for helping poor countries through its foundation.
Sunday, May 19, 2013
Angry Birds Rio 'Fly' to Windows

Angry Birds Rio 'Fly' to Windows

t worry, Rovio provide 40 bonus levels that can be unlocked by completing the 'task' certain.

Angry Birds Rio on Windows Phone also brings hidden fruits and achievement that is completely new. Available in Windows Phone Store, Angry Birds Rio can be downloaded for USD 0.99.

In Angry Birds Rio, the player does not merely destroy the object after conquering army of green pigs. Sometimes, gamers will free the bird in a cage which had been captured by a flock of birds other evil.

Graphic quality also improved in this game. Although not significant, but can be seen with respect to each of the characters in it. More detail, with a background image and an increasingly exciting arena.

After rumors circulated a couple of months agone, Windows eight tablet-sized eight in. from dicot genus finally show themselves. dicot genus Iconia could be a W3-810 whose existence has been listed on the corporate web site.

Runs on prime of Windows eight professional, pill computer depends on Intel Atom Z2760 processor and screen eight.1 in. WXGA one280 x 768. This chip RAM 2GB accompany its existence. The chip trefoil Trailnya bolstered with Intel GMA 3650 graphics.

In the sector of property, the dicot genus Iconia W3-810 has WLAN b / g / n, Bluetooth four.0 and small USB two.0 port. there's additionally microHDMI output and powerful two MP digital camera.

Acer additionally poured its size keyboard dock that's wider than the pill computer itself. Quoted from SlashGear, Sunday (05/19/2013), the manufacturer provides two variants of shoppers inquisitive about shopping for it.

The first is that the W3-810-27602G03nsw with 32GB of flash storage and W3-810-27602G06nsw with 64GB. sadly, the worth has not been dibeberkkan data. Expected, the device can formally be discharged in early Gregorian calendar month.

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Suicide at Foxconn Factory Still Continues

Suicide at Foxconn Factory Still Continues

Zhengzhou - The suicide at Foxconn factory apparently have not stopped despite the improvement of the employment situation is already done. According to a report released on China Labor Watch, another Foxconn employee who decides to end his life in such a tragic way.

As quoted from PatentlyApple, Sunday (05/19/2013), this tragedy occurred at Zhengzhou factory, where assembled iPhone. Reported, the employee who died this was the third employee of the same plant that jumps off the building in the last 20 days.

The reason behind the suicide is not yet clear. But some suspect the incident was related to the policy of "silent mode", in which the workers will be laid off under threat if they talk at work.

Previously, China Labor Watch also reports on the same will be the case, but the incidence of suicides occurred in Huizhou factory owned by Samsung.

Apple itself actually suduh will intervene poor working conditions at Foxconn. In addition to Apple CEO Tim Cook himself had visited the Foxconn factory directly for informal discussion about the job situation there, Apple also have split their order between Foxconn and Pegatron.
Saturday, May 4, 2013
WD Release 5 Millimeter Notebook Super Thin

WD Release 5 Millimeter Notebook Super Thin

Trend of increasingly thin portable computer automatically leaving little room for supporting devices in it, for example to room placement physical storage such as hard drives.

That's why, Western Digital (WD) hard drives slim nan co-produced thin with a thickness of just 5mm. Mentioned that with capacities of 500GB, WD Blue 5 is an ultra-slim hard drive 2.5 inch 5MM first in the world.

"Our technical team is doing clean-sheet approach to 5mm to provide ultra thin hard drive that allows a variety of possibilities and applications for mobile computing and more," said Matt Rutledge, vice president of Client Computing Business Unit WD in a written statement on Saturday (4/5 / 2013).

Physical thinness makes heavy WD Blue hard disk fell 36% when compared to standard 9.5 mm drive. However, thin storage is equipped with features to reduce the acoustic noise level when the drive is spinning or standby.

Hard disk is also able to withstand non-operating shock up to 1000G, and operational until 400G. To reduce vibration and stabilize platters due to system during the process of reading and writing, locked the motor shaft at both ends.

Because factornya new form (SFF-8784), WD Blue comes with the new SATA interface connector SFF-8784 and connected to the host I / O bus. In addition to hard drives, WD is also sending SSHD (solid state hybrid drive) first named WD Black 5.

WD Blue 5mm (WD5000MPCK) marketed with the tag of USD 115 or about USD 1.1 million with a two-year limited warranty. While WD Black SSHD sold through OEMs and system integrators.
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