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Sunday, April 21, 2013

10 Best Apps Windows 8 collected

10 Best Apps Windows 8 collected

If you have been using Windows 8, then you will most likely want to install many apps Windows 8 that will make work and life easier and more enjoyable for you.

Most applications will work with Windows 8 for desktop PC users, but most apps Windows 8's, providing a better experience using the touch screen.

Here are the Top 10 Best Apps Windows 8 based on customer surveys and apps Windows 8 Preview realese ago.

1. SkyDrive
Backup file is very important at this time and certainly you worried your computer's hard drive crashes megalami a time, and eliminate all of your precious files and pictures?. SkyDrive is the storage solution for Windows 8 users. Installing this application on your PC or tablet will help you save from losing important documents and files in case of hard disk crash or failure. SkyDrive also sync documents will help you to other places that have apps like SkyDrive on your mobile device, tablet, PC and Microsoft website hosting. One important thing that I like about this app? You can edit the files and also share by using Office Web Apps.

2. News Republic
News Republic
News and information is very important in the information age. There could not be an easier way to get the news at your fingertips than with this application. This app is one of the best news aggregator apps and has features that can help you filter out "junk" from the real news so you will not have to find your own stress all the news.
Another big advantage of this application that I have noticed is giving you the opportunity to share news articles you like on Facebook and Twitter.

3. Fresh Paint
Fresh Paint
Fresh Paint is a very nice application made by Microsoft to demonstrate the capabilities of Windows 8 touch. This application allows you to paint realistically in a fun way. You can choose different brushes and colors to begin painting, and paint like a real dikanvas You can also mix colors to add a new color. All that can be found in this app and you might be fascinated and enjoy it for hours.

4. Cocktail Flow
Cocktail Flow
Cocktail Flow can be your personal assistant bartender. This wonderful app that lets you shift or simply click on the various kinds and types of alcoholic beverages and tells you how to make the drink. Sorted by type of alcoholic beverage, drink color, or type of beverage. The application includes a panel to store your favorite beverage for later reference. This application may be rather simple, but it looks neat and can be your best friend every time you host a party trendy.

5. Evernote
Evernote is one of the most popular applications now we're talking. Among the business owners and bloggers, to keep notes and memos are taking app Evernote. This application will help you keep your important tasks or important events in your notes. If you need to keep still always remember important tasks and events or notes on Windows 8 then I advice you to install this app immediately.
With Evernote, you can easily view and organize all your documents in Evernote folder and also restore back files in case of hard disk failure. The most important aspect of the Evernote app is a synchronization feature that can help you get the documents that are stored on your PC, on your iPad or iPhone and Evernote site.

6. Inrix
Inrix is ​​an application that provides real-time traffic conditions in the whole world. This service claims to use "billions of points of data" to help people become better at driving. The use of this application will be the app in Windows 8's best to be installed on the tablet when you are outside. Or you can use the app to check traffic conditions before you leave home or traveling with your vehicle.

7. StumbleUpon

StumbleUpon is a popular service that lets you "stumble" or stumble upon interesting new content on the web. Stumble the StumbleUpon app enables full-screen mode and save favorites for later use web easily on the home screen. If you have been bored in the same type of content, StumbleUpon has a total of 500 categories or types to choose from.

8. Tweetro
Now more than 500 million registered Twitter accounts around the world, and sure to be many crossover / fusion between Twitter fans and users of Windows 8 is coming in October. Tweetro is a Twitter client that embrace Windows 8 interface is slick and modern. This app lets you stream personal view, timeline, photos together.

9. Music Maker Jam
Music Maker Jam
Hours from Magix Music Maker lets you create instrumental tracks in a matter of minutes. Simply select a song in the category of dubstep, jazz, or "tech house," and you can choose a tone on the pre-made beats in a flash. While the songs that can be made over and over again, it can be quite fun for experienced music creators. Not only can you turn on and off the drums, bass, keys, and sound effects, you can also change the key tone in which songs will be played (A, B, C, D, etc.) and change the BPM (beats per minute)

10 Cookbook

Many sites and mobile apps dedicated to recipes, the cookbook app can summarize / shorten everything into Windows 8 interface is well designed. In the left panel, split Cookbook recipe with the following categories: appetizers, breads, breakfast, desserts, main dishes, salads, side dishes, and soups. Click on any recipe and you can see the big picture, user rating, material, and referrals - all keys to help you decide whether you want to take your time to make the item. This application also makes it easy to save your favorite recipes and try it soon.


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