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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Basic Tips on Using Windows 8

Basic Tips on Using Windows 8

Buddies for all bloggers. On occasion this time I just wanted to share Basic Tips Using Windows 8. Microsoft officially released the latest operating system, Windows 8 on Oct. 26.

Start Screen
When Buddy was log in to Windows 8, Buddy will see the new Start Screen. This is where the application is displayed in the form of a live tile. We can open the application that we like with a touch or click.

Charm Bar  
Charm Bar hidden in the top right corner of the screen. It contains the Start menu, Share, Search, Device, and Settings. We can call him by sweeping the screen from right to center or cast a mouse on it. It could also be raised with the keyboard. How to press Win + C.

Recent Apps The Next Left
Contrary to the Charm bar, on the left is the applications that we have just opened. Sweep from the left to the center will showcase applications that we have just opened. This trick can also be done with the mouse.

New Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer 10 is already built-in in the Windows 8 Metro adjust with the display. IE 10 already be set Do Not Track by default. Opening the web with IE 10 is quite smooth. Open tab automatically appears full screen, while we open another tab that is hidden at the top of the screen, which can be viewed by sweeping the screen from the top to the middle.

Looking for Contact List
Socialization, synchronization, and sharing is a big part of the experience offered by Windows 8. Applications People give all the information about our contacts taken from different services, such as Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo, and various other social networks.

Debut Windows Store

This is one of the most delightful innovations in Windows 8. Windows Store is devoted to apps.

Zoom in the application that we are open now very easy to do in Windows 8, the condition has been using the touch screen. Like a smartphone or tablet, we just pinch the screen to zoom. If the manual method can also be done with a scroll mouse.

Desktop Lives
In Windows 8, the traditional interface like Windows 7 can still be found by opening the Desktop application. The difference is, the desktop is enriched with typical features of Windows 8 as Charm bar above, plus a virtual keyboard.

New Windows Explorer
After 20 know, Windows Explorer File Explorer updated with the name in Windows 8, which has several new features in each library
Type To Search Confused want to find a specific menu? In Windows 8 you can type just whatever you want to search from the Search menu bar at Charm and jreengg ... the results will come out instantly.

Set your heart Apps
You can use right click to set the application as you like. Setting even easier if you use a touch screen, like using a tablet and a smartphone.


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