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Monday, April 1, 2013

Password Tips to protect Office 2013 documents

Tips Password protect Office 2013 documents, Microsoft Office 2013 certainly makes it easier to password protect your important documents such as Word, PowerPoint and Excel, using password protection and permission features. This will help you prevent your documents, workbooks, and presentations of the disorder. In this tutorial let us learn to protect Office documents with a password and permits.

Password Protect Office document
Open the Word document that you want to protect your password and click on the option 'File'. Towards the right side you will see the option 'Protect Document'.

Click on the option and you will find new options are highlighted below
Mark as Final
Encrypt with Password
Restrict Editing
Restrict Permission by People
Add a Digital Signature

Once completed, the Encrypt Document dialog box appears. In the Password box, type the password. Remember, if you fail to remember the password, Microsoft will be able to retrieve the password is lost or forgotten, so keep a list of passwords and corresponding file names in a safe place.

Enter the password you want in the Confirm Password window and click OK.
You will now see a new permission required.


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