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Sunday, April 7, 2013


On October 26 last month, Microsoft has officially released their latest OS, Windows 8. If you are a loyal user of Windows, of plans to upgrade the device's favorite computer with a version of its mobile OS called Windows Phone 8. If so, let kit aikuti some tips before deciding to upgrade Windows 8 or below.

Is it really needed?
For those of you who are still comfortable using the Windows 7 operating system and has all the computing needs would be met by Windows 7, why should switch to Windows 8? But if you really want to enjoy the latest Microsoft operating system, it could not hurt to upgrade to Windows 8.

Specifications and Hardware Compatibility
If Anada decided to upgrade to Windows 8 operating system, then the first thing you should do is check the compatibility and hardware specifications that you have. You should install the Windows 8 Upgrade Assistant to determine the readiness of the hardware you have.

Microsoft has given the requisite minimum specifications to run Windows 8, make sure your minimum specifications equal to or higher than the minimum specifications for Windows 8, the following:

Processor with a speed of 1GHz or faster.
Minimum 1GB RAM memory for 32-bit versions and at least 2GB for 64-bit versions.
16 GB of hard disk space for Windows 8 32-bit or 20GB for Windows 8 64-bit.
Graphics card compatible with DirectX 9.
Monitor with a minimum resolution of 1024 x 768 pixels and 1366 x 768 pixels is recommended.
Backup your Old Operating System

If you have never tried using the Windows 8 operating system before, we recommend that you make backups of your old operating system image backup using software such as Norton Ghost or Clonezilla.

Quoted from Sidomi News, backup in the form of this image is quite important, because when the Windows 8 installation fails or the account after using Windows 8 does not correspond to your expectations, then you can restore the operating system and its applications to restore the image file that you have created.

Consider Dual-Boot Windows 8 With Your Old Operating System
If you are quite comfortable now with Windows 7 and want to use Windows 8, you can install both operating systems on one computer or laptop with a dual-boot method.

Dual-boot itself is installing two operating systems in one computer or laptop where they can be run alternately. Kahwatir users do not need to dual-boot method because when the laptop or computer is turned on, the user is offered a menu to choose which system to use oprasi.
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