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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Windows 8 the winner

Microsoft is still fighting for the Windows Phone operating system surged in popularity. They assess, OS competitors like iOS and the iPhone is not as good as Windows Phone.

Terry Myerson as Corporate Vice President of Windows Phone Division stated the iPhone getting boring. While Android is a kind of chaos.

"I think the iPhone is losing momentum. On iOS, Apple just added a line of icons to be five and not much else. Android is a kind of chaos. The only OEM Android is making money from Samsung," said Terry.

While Windows Phone claims to offer a unique experience. And about the completeness of the application not less than iOS or Android.

"If you look at the global top 50 apps, we get about 48 of them. We promote them as well. At the same time, our unique experience from the built-in features.

Terry also said Microsoft is not willing to make its own Windows phone, as happened in the tablet segment where they released the Surface tablet. Therefore, Microsoft has already felt a strong partner like Nokia and HTC.

"Our partnership with hardware partners today went pretty good," he said. Terry claims Windows Phone won good market growth in countries such as Finland, Poland or Mexico.


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