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Saturday, May 4, 2013

WD Release 5 Millimeter Notebook Super Thin

Trend of increasingly thin portable computer automatically leaving little room for supporting devices in it, for example to room placement physical storage such as hard drives.

That's why, Western Digital (WD) hard drives slim nan co-produced thin with a thickness of just 5mm. Mentioned that with capacities of 500GB, WD Blue 5 is an ultra-slim hard drive 2.5 inch 5MM first in the world.

"Our technical team is doing clean-sheet approach to 5mm to provide ultra thin hard drive that allows a variety of possibilities and applications for mobile computing and more," said Matt Rutledge, vice president of Client Computing Business Unit WD in a written statement on Saturday (4/5 / 2013).

Physical thinness makes heavy WD Blue hard disk fell 36% when compared to standard 9.5 mm drive. However, thin storage is equipped with features to reduce the acoustic noise level when the drive is spinning or standby.

Hard disk is also able to withstand non-operating shock up to 1000G, and operational until 400G. To reduce vibration and stabilize platters due to system during the process of reading and writing, locked the motor shaft at both ends.

Because factornya new form (SFF-8784), WD Blue comes with the new SATA interface connector SFF-8784 and connected to the host I / O bus. In addition to hard drives, WD is also sending SSHD (solid state hybrid drive) first named WD Black 5.

WD Blue 5mm (WD5000MPCK) marketed with the tag of USD 115 or about USD 1.1 million with a two-year limited warranty. While WD Black SSHD sold through OEMs and system integrators.


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